Network & Infrastructure Solutions

Before you can build a house, you must have a solid foundation. The network infrastructure serves as the foundation for today’s IT environment, enabling the flow of data, applications and cloud services across the enterprise and beyond. ZMtech can help ensure this critical infrastructure meets today’s business requirements through a high performance LAN and WAN network architecture.

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Security Solutions

Cybersecurity refers to an integrated multilayer solution that helps protect your critical data. ZMtech’s competitive advantage is our Rings of Confidence methodology, which we apply to every engagement. Based on industry best practices, industry standards, and regulatory requirements, our approach accelerates the achievement of our client’s goals by developing and following a plan that leverages all available resources and provides unique solutions for the client

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Virtualization & Storage Solutions

An efficient data center based on virtualization can boost your IT efficiency, maximize your IT investments, and provide a competitive advantage.Turn your virtualized data center into a pool of server, network, and storage resources. Deploy as software-defined storage on commodity servers. 

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Network Assessment

ZMtech assessment serves to analyze network devices and architecture design to improve performance and optimization. Analysis and documentation is focused on the client’s Layer 1-4 network: physical layout, connected devices, live snapshot of network protocol performance and topology of the targeted network. The report summarizes the findings, identifies any issues with existing configurations and provides recommendations to optimize the network.

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Wireless Planning and Design

Improve the availability, security, management, and performance of your wireless network solution by working with ZMtech wireless engineers to validate your business and technical requirements and to develop a custom, wireless LAN architecture design. Helping you and your partners migrate to next-generation wireless network capabilities, the Wireless LAN Architecture Design service can help reduce expensive rework during the design phase by identifying and validating required architecture, technology, and features early in the solution lifecycle.

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Directory & Messaging Solutions

Our Directory and Messaging services and solutions provide our customers with the necessary expertise to design, deploy, migrate and support directory & messaging systems successfully and
within budget. Our team has vast experience and a proven approach to developing solutions that
meet the emerging business requirements of today’s corporate market place

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Data Centre Design Evaluation Services

Developing a clear, documented, and concise strategy for managing and optimizing data center operations is critical for today’s IT and data center operations personnel. ZMtech provides end-to-end data center build solutions to advanced Software Defined and Cloud IT Infrastructure.

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Infrastructure Monitoring Service

ZMtech custom monitoring services will monitor mission-critical infrastructure components including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, systems metrics, and network infrastructure. Continuous network, application and server monitoring enables you to find problems and resolve them before they become a serious threat to your business.

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